hey guys, fair warning, due to real life stuff i have to delete my youtube account, so all my kum videos will be lost. sorry!

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Hello! Ahlisa here.


Pietru and I have decided to post our collaborative fics on this account from now on. We will most likely post our eventual Spidey AU fic here (which, by the way, will not be worked on until after I have completed Superman AU) as well as other AUs we have lined up. Keep in mind that our Sam is going to be much different from Glee’s interpretation of Sam, and our Kurt’s storyline will definitely be different from Glee!Kurt’s, but regardless we hope you’ll enjoy it all the same.

We look forward to your feedback :)

In case you missed me and wondered how I’ve been (not very likely), I’m okay, despite how depressing my first page looks (thought I liked how dramatic it was when I left). I finished first year of college without any bumps, I’ve been studying English all summer (with Alyssa checking my writing tasks), and apparently I still have friends, despite not seeing them for over two months.

I’ve grown interested in psychical activity, running and working out at the gym, what brings me a lot of joy, and takes hours when explaining to my family that I don’t do it to lose weight, but for fun. Despite the fact I haven’t left my city much during this summer, all my grand plans turned out miserably and past few weeks I’ve spent taking care of my little sister (and getting more and more irritated with her each day), I’m pretty positive it has been the first summer in a long time when I didn’t get depressed.

Compared to last year that time, I still have no idea who I actually am, I still want to get the fuck out of this country, and I’m still insecure about a lot of things, but at least now I know myself a little bit better, maybe not in those ways we see in media, with big coming outs and big changes, but in subtle ways, like realizing what actually matters to me, and what doesn’t.

Actually, it was supposed to be light ‘sup bros’ post but then I read Alyssa’s essay about canoe and got emotional.


off tumblr, if any of you will want anything, catch me on facebook

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your sidebar is extremely trans*phobic

are you the same anon as before because I’d suggest to get off anon and honestly talk to me about how trans*phobic and terrible I am because I never had any bad intentions.

ugh I’ve been depressed the whole day and I’m sick of all these sad and negative feelings and I have no idea how to deal with them, I just want it to stop.

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Hugs with green cardigan

Bless green cardigan

I’m awfully sad

— Humberto Ramos

— Humberto Ramos

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

you should come here. You'd probably find a couple of people at least out in Vancouver

canada here i come

#blank just like kum on glee was
ikr this is very deep

#blank just like kum on glee was

ikr this is very deep